Our services

We provide a number of services ranging from business consultancy and project management to outsourced CFO and Sales strategy support. Full list is provided below.

What do we offer ?

Consultancy & Project management

We providing solutions across a range of business areas by establishing a collaborative relationship with our clients from the outset, creating a clear vision of success and jointly deliver towards this goal.

Outsourced CFO services 

We provide strategic financial capability to our clients. This service is utilised as and when they need it to support on the key issues facing the business. 

Outsourced Sales Strategy 

We support our clients in building customer engagement models to deliver effective business planning processes. We also focus on revenue management techniques to drive returns to the bottom line.

Budgeting and Forecasting 

If you need to provide robust forecasting for one-off funding purposes or wish to use a forecasting model in an ongoing manner that incorporates your profit and loss, balance sheet and cashflow to have full understanding on where your business is going and its challenges, engaging a part-time CFO may assist you take your business to the next level.

Strategy and Business planning

Having a clear strategy, strategic plan or business plan are fundamental building blocks to achieve growth. Your business plan needs to expressly state where the business is going, the strategies to achieve those outcomes, who is accountable for the strategy and the timeframes and measures to ensure they are on-track

Cash flow management

Cash flow is critical to your business' success and survival. If you don’t take care of your business' cash flow, you could end up not having enough to continue running the business.

A part-time CFO could guide you through a cash flow  to ensure your business remains cash flow positive.

Revenue Management

We focus on understanding, anticipating, and reacting to market demand to maximise a businesses’ revenues. We achieve this by analysing, forecasting, and optimising their revenue.  The essence of this discipline is to understand the customers' perceptions of value and to accurately align the right products to each customer segment

Interactive Dashboards

We create  interactive dashboards for our clients to ensure we can track, analyze, monitor, and visually display key business metrics while allowing users to interact with data, enabling them to make well-informed, data-driven, and healthy business decisions. These dashboards has been particularly beneficial for SME's who now have a clear sight on performance resulting in better decision making

Coaching and Mentoring programs

A good business coach will not only review your business for growth areas but review the ability of the senior team. Business coaching provides developmental ideas that can increase performance from the top down and can provide a sounding board for the CEO/ Managing Director on business challenges to be addressed.